T is for Tired But Still Typing!


Boy!  Is it getting hard to keep my mind on work these last few days before starting vacation.  I had my usual dose of caffeine in my morning water mix to get my day going.  If it wasn’t for my morning caffeine I’m not sure I’d be much good to any body until about 10-10:30!!

I am linking this post to T Stands For Tuesday.  My drink mix is the what gives the water the orangish-yellow color.  It is peach-mango flavor and it is relish!

2015-11-17 08.59.45

Yes.  Sad to say that this is part of the top of my desk.  They repainted our walls and retiled our floors in August and September.  With the huge project I had going on in the middle of October and then the 2-weeks it took to recover from IT, I never really got  much back out of the boxes that I used to pack my office for the temporary relocation.  My boss says it is an improvement in the landscape.  Oh, well.  Being a great hoarder of papers is one of the aspects of my personality that makes me very good at my job, believe it or not.  Good think I found a job that matches my personality well!  LOL!

I hope your day turns out much neater and organized than mine!  And SO glad you stopped by to see my T-Day post!  🙂


8 thoughts on “T is for Tired But Still Typing!

  1. Your host is quite late visiting, so I apologize. I fell asleep and didn’t even realize you had linked. I was delighted to read that your job fits your personality. It reminds me of the saying that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!

    Thanks for sharing your peach mango mix and your boxes of paper with us for T this Tuesday, although technically it’s now Wednesday.

    • I’m just glad you have time to stop by, Elizabeth. No worries! I don’t think I got it posted until around 11pm EST any way–which is pretty late by most people’s standards “on a school night”! LOL

  2. You mix coffee and water? Interesting, but I don´t think I´ll deviate from my regular mug of strong coffee – which I am about to make, to get my day going. Sounds like you have a good job and a good boss! 🙂 Happy T-Day!

  3. Everyone should have a job to suit their personality – being I hoarder myself I think I would fit in well! Belated Happy T Day Chrisx

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