T is for Tire…ugh…….

Over on the Alteredbooklover blog, Elizabeth does a weekly link-up called T is for Tuesday.  It involves “drink” posts of any kind–drawn, painted, photographed, tagged, etc.  This was not exactly what I had envisioned for my post this week but it happened so I’m going with it…

When I went out to go to work this morning, this is what I found….


Yep.  Flatter than a fritter!  Called the hubby…can’t get home for at least three hours (that, too, is a l-o-n-g story)…however, he took care of calling in the Calvary and the next door neighbor (Leon, the fellow that helped DH fry/steam all the food for our dinner mentioned in a TSFT a couple of months back) soon arrived.  He went right to work…


We had a heck of a time getting the jack underneath the car as it is a very low riding car to begin with.  Add to that a flat tire and it’s practically sitting on the ground!  We finally got the old tire off and the spare tire (the proverbial “donut”) in place.  I toasted to our success with my usual caffeinated drink…


I thanked Leon profusely and proceeded to load up to go to the tire garage with my flat tire now in the trunk.  Then I remembered.  I had let Frodo out to run around while we were working on the tire.  Well, I guess he decided to take in the neighborhood while we were preoccupied with other activities.  Yes.  And he decided not to come when I called either–typical.  He always seems to know when to take off–exactly when I am behind getting somewhere!!  He finally came back (about 10 minutes after I started looking for him)…


Yes.  He’s stinkin’ rotten!  🙂  I stuffed him back into the house and went on about my required business for the day…more than 2 hours behind schedule by the time all the associated activities were over.  But all is well.  I’m going to get a new tire AND a new alignment AND now also an oil change since it is going to be at the shop anyway.  LOL

And for those of you wondering about the football game we got tickets for last week, WE WON!!!  Yay!  They will now play in the division championship for the first time in 51 years!  I’m proud for them.  They did well.  Here is a selfie of me and the oldest grandson at the game (yeh, you KNOW he had to make some kind of stupid face…LOL):


Enjoy your week and I hope y’all had a Happy TSFT!  🙂


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