Peace-Filled Friday!

I came across this journal page that I did while participating in my class with Mandy Thompson this past spring.  I was having a REALLY bad experience with some things going on at work.  I was having to deal with a situation that I wanted no part of and some of the parties involved were pushing ALL of my buttons!  LOL!!  I decided that I need to vent and get on with it so I turned to my journal (kind of like screaming in forest where you can let it go but no one else has to hear your rant…).

When I finished the artwork on my page I went back and very slowly and painfully painted on the words that described best all of the frustration that I was feeling at that time.  Then, in a symbolic effort to cancel out all of the “bad” feelings, I made long black marks on the page symbolizing crossing out all of the negative–putting it back behind the fence away from me where it belonged.  As a final addition, I added a verse from the Bible that I needed to apply to the situation and to remind me that letting these types of mental battles get the best of me is not only bad for me physically and mentally but that it also results in me living outside of the peace that I feel that the Lord wants for all of us.


2014-02-08 12.58.12 HDR

“Keep your thoughts on whatever is right or deserves praise:
things that are true, honorable, fair, pure, acceptable or commendable.”
–Philippians 4:8 (God’s Word Translation)


May you have a blessed and peace-filled day!!

One thought on “Peace-Filled Friday!

  1. Love your page! I’m having a difficult time at work as well, and art journaling really helps me to get through it. I like your idea of crossing the bad stuff. Next time I’ll try it.

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