My Journal Monday–Week 5

It was a BUSY weekend!  I worked really hard on the journal page that I posted on this week’s Sunday Words spot.  Because of that I don’t have very much exciting on my desk to show for my efforts.  This is what is on my desk this morning in my journal:


I know.  Really exciting, right?  Hopefully it will be a good beginning for some autumn-based pages for some other blog challenges.  I have found that all of these challenges that I’ve discovered all about the internet have really got me going and producing more art than I have in the recent past.  I have some ideas for this spread.  If all goes as planned, you will be seeing a finished set of pages very soon! 🙂

If you’d like to participate in My Journal Monday, please click the link text below to take you to the link-up site and add a direct link to your page there.  Any media/technique is fine.  I hope that you have a great, arty week!



14 thoughts on “My Journal Monday–Week 5

  1. I never liked yellow until recently. Pretty color. I do use yellow a lot with other colors and tend towards the more buttery shades. Your party looked awesome. I haven’t had internet since Friday so have not been able to catch up :(. Still don’t.

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