My Journal Monday — Week 25

I think I am setting a new record.  How close can I get to midnight to post before it is “Tuesday” according to the clock?  I’ve been pretty busy the last week or so–trying to get well…again…and also trying to do a little art.  I had to go out of town most of the day Saturday and that consumed a great deal of the time that usually have to create.  My Saturday activities were pretty consuming and Sunday I decided that it would be in my best interest to stay home and get some rest.  Sometimes too much is just too much.

It was such a nice day here Sunday.  I took my Moleskine 6″x9″ watercolor journal and my Micron black 005 pen and went and sat on my back porch stairs and created a sketch of what I saw in my backyard.  I love my back yard.  It is one of my favorite “happy places” in my life.  It was so beautiful that I wanted to sketch and paint it.  So today, for My Journal Monday, I present you my personal rendering of my backyard as I see it.  I hope you enjoy going there with me as well.  🙂


No.  It is certainly not perfect but I’m pretty pleased with it.  My proportions of some of the objects and the depth perception is definitely off but I think I would still want to go there.  I have much room for improvement in the landscape arena.  I’m sure I will  attempt to sketch this scene again some day.

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3 thoughts on “My Journal Monday — Week 25

  1. It looks so peaceful – I can see why you like it. 💕🌿 And I think it is how you remember it in your mind that is most important when painting a familiar subject. Hope you feel better soon, my friend! 💕😊💐

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