My Journal Monday–Week 1

I have participated in several blog challenges or participation posts on several other blogs.  I thought it might be fun to try one myself.  In some of my research in finding a good “linky” tool, I discovered that the platform does not support linky code.  Therefore, you have to do a “link to a linky” site outside of the blog page to host a blog linkup in their program.  In any event, I thought it might be worth it to try hosting one anyway.

It seems that Monday might be a good day for another linkup.  There’s lots of things going on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and especially Fridays so Monday seemed the best choice for me.  I don’t want it to be too complicated so I thought I’d start with something as simple as “My Journal Monday”.  Simply post a page of what you are working on in your journal right now.  I haven’t gotten too terribly much done recently and the high-maintenance 9-year-old grandson came to stay the weekend so even though I had high aspirations for an art-focused weekend this weekend, THAT didn’t happen.  I have a few backgrounds that I’ve managed to add over the last week in a couple of different journals so I am posting those for mine this week.




Some of the pages had gesso on them before I painted them with left-over paint/brush cleanings from other projects and some of them didn’t.  Not very exciting I know but that’s just where I am right now.  When I have trouble getting started I just begin painting backgrounds on pages with whatever my favorite colors are at that point and time.  Not rocket science but for me something is better than no art at all!!

I don’t know where this will go.  I just thought it might be fun.  If you’d like to participate, please click the link text below to take you to the link-up site and add your page there.  (Any media/technique is fine–no tags or cards please.)  Like some other linkups, My Journal Monday has the ability to change and adjust over time as needs warrant.  I’m excited to see how this linkup grows and ebbs and flows!


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Have a great week!


8 thoughts on “My Journal Monday–Week 1

  1. Oh I like this even though I haven’t been able to participate lately in the show your face Friday lately. This would be good as I think we all have something in the works whether finished or not! I do like your backgrounds. That is what I do too. I know we love those little kiddos but I have a high maintenance 10 year old grandson who I have had a lot lately. The world kind of stops for them. I will try to get something up pronto for this!

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    • It did post just fine and it looks great! I love the colors I, too. This is all new to me so I’m going to have to do some research and see if I can determine what the problem was.

      Thanks for posting, Suz–I think this will be a lot of fun and rewarding with a sense of accomplishment just as you stated in your post. ?

    • Already working on one of them, Wen–not quite sure about the brightest and busiest 2 as of yet. One of them might get yet again an additional layer of white to calm it all down just little! LOL Thanks for stopping by!

      • Lol, I have the same tendency, I love bright colours, but in my work… gesso is my friend 🙂
        I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner by the way, I had no idea you replied. I use my wordpress only to make commenting easier on wordpress blogs and to direct wordpress bloggers to my main Blogger blogs. Wishing you a beautiful day!

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