29 Faces — Blog Challenge — No. 11 & Art It Friday – Show Your Face!

Alaya Art is sponsoring 29 Faces in September 2015.  Going with a more imaginary feel again today.  Also, Kim Dellow over on her blog has a fun thing going called Art It Friday – Show Your Face.  I discovered it while browsing some linked blog pages on Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s regular Friday post Art Journal Everyday post which she usually posts regularly every Friday.  I found Paint Party Friday through Kim Dellow’s post.  This is a fun group, too!  There are some really talented artist doing all sorts of painty things over there.  Here are my entry, which is also 29Faces-No. 11.


I was trying to mimic Jane Davenport’s style from her recent book and this is what I copied.  I haven’t done a face with the eyes closed so here was another experience lesson for me.  🙂

31 thoughts on “29 Faces — Blog Challenge — No. 11 & Art It Friday – Show Your Face!

  1. This could be me, although I’m much, much older, but I sleep all the time because of the flu and my skin is a bit pinkish because of the fever.

    She’s sweet. (i’m not!)

  2. such a sweet portrait! I have Jane’s book and love it-just haven’t spent as much time as I’d like practicing from it though.

    • Her instructions combined with all of the great step-by-step examples are invaluable. I’ve found if I go slow enough that even I can produce a descent portrait if I follow her instructions. 🙂

    • Thank you, Janet! The “faux” Moleskine sketch journal that I am doing all of these portraits in doesn’t take to water all that well so I didn’t know how it would really turn out when I put the watercolor on it. I think it turned out pretty good. I’ve just got to make sure that I don’t make that pages too wet or overwork them at all as the color tends to seep through the page and shows on the back side–like this one did. You can see where some of the pink came through on the No. 10 portrait in the previous post. It looks like a sort of faded “beauty mark” near the right side by the nose and above the lips.

    • Thanks for coming by, Anita! I have not been able to take a good look at others’ work for almost a week now–I’ve been fortunate just to get my faces completed and somehow I still feel behind! LOL! I’ve got to “get out more” and see some more sights/posts of people participating in this challenge. I am always so inspired when I go and look at everyone else’s posts. There’s just so many talented folks out there in the “net world” to see and visit! 🙂

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